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About Michael

Michael Wang
BMus (Music Studies in Piano)
Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Michael has practiced piano since the age of 4, and since then he has continued his musical journey to develop his experience in Music Theory and Piano through AMEB exams and many piano performances and concerts. Michael further pursued his musical interests within the Sydney Conservatorium of Music with a Bachelor’s degree in Music Studies and had studied under the guidance of an esteemed piano teacher, Dr. Paul Rickard-Ford, and had completed and attended many performance units and masterclasses but turning his main attention towards completing many education units and piano pedagogy courses to further strengthen his teaching experience.

Furthermore, Michael has since completed multiple theoretical courses
receiving many high marks and distinctions during his time within the Sydney
Conservatorium of Music. After achieving his bachelor’s degree, he began teaching in private piano studios to chase his musical career and had developed a teaching method which focuses on the foundation and fundamentals of piano playing, but more importantly focusing on the growth of interests for his students. Switching between the role of a Friend and a Teacher, Michael’s teaching methods creates a gentle, diligent and supportive classroom environment through his personality; combined with his passion in Music, Michael’s students has achieved great results in AMEB while sharing the same interests and passion as him.

Currently, Michael is studying Master of Teaching at the University of Sydney to further strengthen his teaching pedagogy and framework.


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