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Semester 1, 2020 – First time

Tutorial 12a

Monday 18th of May, 2020

Getting close to the end of the semester, we have talked more about organisation and studying techniques.

James introduced to us all kinds of citation managers such as Mendeley and information organisation software such as OneNote (I mentioned in week 10!)
Mendeley is definitely a resource I will experience during my break to get used to for semester 2, and OneNote is already a tool that I use to organize all kinds of notes and tutorial information in one place. Although ever since the University delivery format has changed to online, I have been quite lazy in organisation.

James has also emphasized the idea of highlighting. Apparently there has been research that highlighting a bunch of everything is not useful, and highlighting only becomes useful when you highlight the most important parts.

It may sound like an excuse, but I have really been frustrated and unproductive during these last few weeks of this semester because of everything that has been happening. I will need a new frame of mind coming into next semester because unproductive and procrastination are not really great things to be having when there are plenty of things due at the end of semester.

Tutorial 12b

Wednesday 20th of May, 2020

In this class James has taught us all about time management and organisation.

Please… uh…ignore the 2am sleep time.

I have already been trying to reorganize my schedule so that I am much more up to date with everything. So I have created a small sticky note to constantly remind me of my schedule and to keep me organized without much procrastination.

The schedule would…most definitely seem quite different to yours. Having a set and lock in schedule is quite difficult to have because of my constant changing timetable for tutoring, as well as having working in the afternoons.

However, I am trying hard to keep up with this schedule because I feel like the recent few days have been incredibly unproductive and disorganized. Occasional changes in the schedule will most definitely happen, but hopefully this would keep me less stressed and properly organized!


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