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Semester 1, 2020 – First time

Tutorial 5a

Monday 23rd of March, 2020

In the tutorial this week we had to share about our experiences in our specialty classes.
For me, I had chosen Technology in Music Education as my specialty class. The reason that I had chosen this as my specialty class is to learn about many many many ways that technology can be integrated into music classes. Because I had a classical-type background in learning music through piano, all my life it was about “sitting down and practice”. Honestly its quite boring, and this course is able to ignite many different ideas about music education THROUGH technology and not just “sitting down and practice”.

I really enjoyed Technology in Music Education so far, partially because James is a great lecturer and the lessons he designs are very engaging. But furthermore, I am really excited to learn about ‘Technology’ that can be used in any situations relating to music!

Tutorial 5b

Wednesday 25rd of March, 2020

This week was a little more relaxing
First we started by watching a lecture by James (featuring Belinda) about multi-cam recording and live audio recording with also techniques to sync audios from both clips together.
Our task for this week is just create a short video featuring syncing two video clips together, or with sound.

I had just made a simple recording on two devices (iPad and iPhone) and combined both in Sony Vegas and also using the clap technique mentioned by James.
The idea to sync both clips with a ‘clap’ is actually a really great idea to utilize and get used to. This way, we can see the points in which the two videos can be edited to be combined together!
Luckily I had previous experiences in video editing so this is not too new to me.

This is the final window of the project in Sony Vegas

As you can see in the picture above, the small spike in the audio file at the start is the clap to indicate the sync timings.
Here is the final video! :


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