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Semester 1, 2020 – First time

Tutorial 1a

Monday 24th of February, 2020

Today we had our first lesson with James about Music Curriculum Ext 1

We had our hands on experience with DM1 – The Drum Machine as a tool/application to teach and give students a quick and easy experience into creating music.

DM1 has many supportive features within its application and a huge variety of different instruments and kits.
In the photo above, while the black and grey spaces are treated each as semi-quavers to separate into even beats of 4/4. The yellow spaces determine which beat and what type of sound is being played in that semi-quaver.

This allows students for an easy access to experiment and experience music without the complication of theory knowledge.

Tutorial 1b

Wednesday 26th of February, 2020

Today we had our introduction lesson to Technology in Music Education.

In our first lesson, We had been introduced to Soundtrap, a free browser/application that allows quick and easy creation of music

My first Sample

This was my first experience with Soundtrap. On the leftside we have the three sound loops that I had chosen, Guitar – Acoustic Finger C, G and F.

On the Top Left side we have our play buttons, recording buttons (I will expand on this later), undo, redo and save buttons. The purple slider below the numbers determines the timing and beat of the entire sample.

Moving to the right side, the purple music icon is the main source of all music lopps. There is a VERY huge amount of loops to choose from, ranging from Piano to Dubstep.

This first sample was a very simple sample as it just for me to test and experience the application for the first time.
It did not sound too bad, but it was too simplistic so I decided to completely restart form scratch.

The start of my second sample

This was my second attempt at making a sample. This time I decided to follow an idea of a retro game background music similar to Hotline Miami.
The sample includes a repeated beat that is simple and easy to follow. Then I added extra loops such as Bass – Cat 3 to start of as an introduction and Guitar – Pedal Steel to have the change in style.
Each different loop apart from the continuous baseline beat and Cat 3 introduction has roughly 16 beats in total, a new loop is introduced after every 16 beats

2nd sample midway completed

Further on into the tutorial, I experienced recording on the piano to create MIDI files, I decided to utilize this and have a drastic change in style into an ‘oceany’ type of feel. I also added an extra Bass – Cat 3 and changed the voice style into Psychedelic to better fit the distorted type of feel.

This was as far as we had gotten in the lesson but I am hoping to complete this during my spare time in the near future.


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