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Semester 1, 2020 – First time

Ending Reflection

15th of June, 2020

Finally, the journey of MUED4002 and EDMT5701 has come to an end
And I still haven’t found a way to make it dark mode šŸ˜¦

Looking back at the blog posts, James has exposed us to all kinds of different music technologies that can be used in a classroom. As well as all kinds of different reflective questions and thoughts that, we, as teachers should really be thinking about.

There were just so many different things I have learnt throughout the course in the semester that I really cant summarize without writing a huge long wall of text. However, all of the knowledge is now stored in this blog post and I’m certain I will come back to revisit all of the information.

Technology in Music Education is definitely a course that I genuinely enjoyed throughout the semester. This is a unique course that differs to other courses in the Conservatorium, where we are taught about all different kinds of modern day technology to integrate into our teaching.
Furthermore, this course is backed with an amazing lecturer in James Humberstone.

Many thanks to James for such a wonderful semester and thanks to all the guest lecturers that took the time to prepare and teach us about their respective topics!
Here is a list of all the guest lecturers:
– Peter Chan
– Phil Nanlohy
– Rowena Stewart
– Ethan Hein
– Rebecca Ly

Thanks to everyone, and thanks again to James!

I will make a final update later during the week after the presentation, summarizing how it went with a small critical reflection and maybe hit the 8000 word mark!


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