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Semester 1, 2020 – First time

Tutorial 11a

Monday 11th of May, 2020

For today’s lecture, we have watched a video abut Ableton Live School. This is an Ableton certified training center that provides online courses, offline courses to teach all about Ableton live (like a school, duh). They are based in Sydney, Australia and have plenty of specialist courses you can view rigggggght here. Ableton Live School really provides a great opportunity for anyone that are interested in Ableton Live and mixing, so it is a very valuable resource to keep in mind!

The idea of having specialized schools sounds incredible if the world can execute this idea. Especially a school designed to allow teachers to gain more knowledge on a specific topic. Teachers tend to be quite ‘old-fashioned’, especially the weird and quirky music teachers, so if we can stay up to date with all the new current ‘kool kids technology’. Students may just be able to connect closer to us in classrooms.

Tutorial 11b

Wednesday 13th of May, 2020

For today’s MUED4002 lecture, Peter Chan came back to teach us about Auralia. Since the MTeach students have learnt all about Auralia in week 7 for EDMT5701, I have used this time to think deeper into my project.

In the end, I have decided to create 3 sample pieces using inspirations from the environment of games. I will try to create a sample from Soundtrap, a sample from Ableton Live, and another sample where I will try to mix some sounds together.
Then, I will explain some of the ideas behind this and how teachers could try to integrate this type of concept into a classroom environment.
I think the general idea and direction is good, I will just need to execute all of this properly.

Maybe I’ll try to emphasize dark mode in my presentation.


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