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Semester 1, 2020 – First time

Tutorial 6a

Monday 30rd of March, 2020

In this week’s tutorial, James had showcased a bunch of connections between technology and teaching. We went through a journey back in time with James to remember some of the older technologies. From the older technologies such as the indestructible ‘Nokia 3310’ all the way to current day technologies such as ‘iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB Space Grey’.
I have traversed plenty amounts of different technologies throughout my 20ish year of life and ‘iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB Space Grey’ is definitely one of the most important tools that cannot be missing from my life anymore. It even has dark mode!

Nokia 3310

This means that music education has also been adapting to the change!

There are plenty of different music applications now. Ranging from grand staff composition applications such as MuseScore and Sibelius to step sequencing applications such as Soundtrap, there are definitely a lot of possible technological choices in music education.

The question is not just to implement technology just because “lol its 2020 so do it you boomer” but its more about how we can implement technology to better engage the students, to better adapt to the evolving technological society that our students are involved in.
How could you excite a classroom when you’re writing with chalk and paper while your students have been playing VR fortnite?
Having a better understanding of all the recent cool new technology is the only way for teachers to better connect with students and to allow them to be more engaged and enjoying music education.

iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB Space Grey.

Tutorial 6b

Wednesday 1st of April, 2020

In this week’s Tutorial, we had to edit our own video with either James’s assets or our own.
So, I had decided to use James’s assets to edit a complete video.
At first, I wanted to download and install Premier Pro to edit the video, but the installation did not work out as planned and so I just went on and used Sony Vegas Pro 14…again.

All of the assets that James had sent us.

After taking a look at all the assets, I thought long and hard about an idea to make a funny video. I ended up deciding on using the clap that James had started and align that with the ‘Cups Song’. However, this was gonna be boring if it is continuously repeated after the first time.
So, after editing the clapping portion, I figured out another idea: integrate James’s chords on the guitar into the clapping. And so I did, while also using James’s pictures of the chords.
Now I had a combined video of both clapping and chords, I needed an intro to segue into the actual video.
After going outside to take my mind off the project, I came back with an idea to show my screen and also show my reading on the details of the project. This combined with a background music fitted perfectly with my idea for an introduction and also fitting one of the points of the project: record your screen with any software
[I used OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) to record my screen)]

This was the end project in my Sony Vegas window!

Here is the end product:


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